It’s Finally Here!

Anyone who knows me, knows how BIG a fan I am of Jay-Z & Kanye West. The idea of a joint album, however,  came with mixed feelings. The reason I was concerned was because those that remember “Best of Both Worlds” know that project was supposed to be what this one has shaped up to be: two heavyweights going back and forth creating classic tunes. Despite the fact that both artists were in the respective primes, Jay and Kells didn’t see eye 2 eye and the project went downhill from there. It had also been estimated that the pair left over tens of millions on the table for abandoning the project. #ANYWAYDOE, “Watch The Throne” comes with big hype behind it, as the two hip-hop behemoths collide to create one of the magical moments hip-hop has in 2011. Neither needs an introduction, so here goes my review of the album:

Hits: “Primetime”, “Murder to Excellence”, “Who Gone Stop Me“, “Gotta Have It”, “N*****s in Paris

Misses: “Lift Off”, Not much more to critique, lol.

One of the top albums of 2011, "WTT"

This album really raised the  bar for the competition. It has been reported that Jay and ‘Ye recorded in Bath, England as well as in Paris. The highlight of the album, “Murder to Excellence” shows the versatility of the duo, who rap back and forth about a young kid named DJ Henry who was killed as a result of police brutality. How many MC‘s do you know who would feature a current event on their album that has nothing to do with cars, women or jewelry???? These guys do exactly that. On “Who Gone Stop Me”, they experiment with the electric Dub-step, which has been made popular in England as the new wave in music.  Another standout on the LP, “Gotta Have It”, features both rappers dueling back and forth over a smooth Neptunes track that samples James Brown.  Production wise, how many artists could get RZA (“New Day”) and Q-Tip(“That’s My B***h”) on the same album?  Not many.

The power duo....

Most hip-hop albums these days feature a number of other artists, but this album only has features from Beyonce’, Frank Ocean (of Odd Future fame) and Mr. Hudson. I almost have a gripe with just about every album and this one is no exception. I wished the album featured more of the soul samples that are heard from past Roc-A-Fella days. I guess I need to just go back and listen to those records, lol. Despite it all, the two artists teamed up for what could be quite possibly one of the best records we have heard all year and that’s good enough for me.

Continue to check 4 my blog, I will feature a different album every week from now until…..

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We’re Splitting Up!

So me and Johnny have decided to split ways… Not in real life however. 🙂 We’re in this for the long haul. Are you kidding!!!

However, I have started a new blog called The Fashionista’s Journey and you can visit me here.

I will periodically post content at LifeandTimesofJSQ still and you can watch for Johnny’s post here.

Until then XOXOXO, Janel

We’re Baaaackkkkk!!!!!!

So Johnny and I have been MIA for the past oh month or so… 🙂

We took time off from a lot of things to reflect on what’s important and really put some things in perspective. Well as always, we will be posting our random thoughts, pictures, etc.

Thanks for sticking with us!

For those faithful followers, we appreciate you staying tuned.

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The Best of the Rest

Can Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks overcome the Heat?

Well, well, well….what do we have here? A finals filled with historic storylines. The Miami Heat & Dallas Mavericks will tip-off on Tuesday night in Game 1 of the 2011 NBA Finals. Will Dirk be able to match up with LeBron and D-Wade in this rematch from 2006? Miami won that series in 6 and my personal prediction is that the Miami Heat will take this one with LeBron James as Finals MVP. I really hope that my personal prediction is incorrect! As much as I would like Dallas to win, I just don’t think they have the firepower to compete with the Big 3. Notice…I said Big 3. Chris Bosh has been an instrumental part of the playoff run for Miami. He absolutely destroyed Chicago, averaging over 24 ppg for the series.  

The Big 3 (Bosh, James, Wade) are 4 wins away from their this the year?

All season long, I have watched this team go through successful stretches and media scrutiny. With the bullseye on their back, they ran past Philly in 5,crushed Boston in 5, and finish Chicago in 5 as well. With 4 wins standing between LBJ and his first ring, I’m sure he will aim to finish strong. Dallas, on the other hand, has it’s share of doubters. From the start of the postseason, Portland was predicted to knock off the 2nd seed Mavericks. Despite blowing a 23 point lead against the Blazers in-game 4 of that series, Dallas rallied to overcome their nemesis in 6 games. That’s when the magic started for them: Dallas swept the defending back to back champion LA Lakers and ran past the Thunder in 5 games. If the Mavs can continue to shoot red-hot on the perimeter, they have a shot at the series. Guys, tell me what your prediction is and who will be MVP? I will give periodic updates as the series progresses along with a special surprise to the person who predicts the series winner , length of games and MVP.



Happy Friday!!!

Well the work week is almost over! I don’t know about the rest of you guys and gals but this is the best work day of the entire week! I normally go a little casual to work on Fridays. I normally “forget” to bring my lunch, I avoid scheduling meetings at all costs, and if I’m going out-of-town, I come in extra early so I can get off before rush hour traffic.

Well this is my latest creation on It’s very similar to what I’ll actually be wearing tomorrow. The red earings have more gold in them and they actually have a nautical look to them. The tank is a short sleeve top and a little shear (I’ll have on a tank top underneath). Everything else however is pretty spot on. What do you think?!?!

XOXO, JanelHappy Friday

Happy Friday by lifeandtimesofjsq featuring a cotton blazer

Ribbed tank top
$9.90 –

Dorothy Perkins cotton blazer
45 GBP –

Almost famous jeans
$35 –

Guess shoes
$63 –

Louis Vuitton canvas shoulder bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs post earring
$48 –

Dorothy Perkins wrap bracelet
13 GBP –

Manumit bangle bracelet
12 GBP –

Accessory Street ruffle scarve
$42 –

Polyvore Creator! City Girl Set

City Girl

So I’ve just been introduced to the Polyvore site and I love it! There you can select hundreds of items and piece them together. Feel free to visit and PLAY! What do you think about this outfit??? XOXO, Janel


City Girl by lifeandtimesofjsq featuring studded handbags

MbyM nude dress
25 EUR –

Notify stretch denim jacket
$280 –

J by Jasper Conran wedge sandal shoes
24 GBP –

BP studded handbag
$32 –

H m jewelry
5.99 GBP –

TopShop square earring
$25 –

H M printed scarve
7.99 GBP –

New Kid on the Block

Kobe Bryant & Lamar Odom (above) have their work cut out this summer.


Well, I see that the Los Angeles Lakers have a new coach in town. Mike Brown (formally of the Cleveland Cavaliers) has joined the team for approximately $5 million per year. I must say that Brown wasn’t my first choice, but he has an astounding reputation for being one of the elite defensive coaches in the NBA. This was a gaping hole in the Lakers clog this year towards a three-peat. Rumor has it that superstar Kobe Bryant had absolutely no say in this choice. Uh-oh….

Mike Brown was named LA Lakers new head honcho...

Brown certainly has his work cut out for him this year. What happens with Gasol or Bynum? Insiders say that Bynum might be forced Orlando in a swap for Dwight Howard. Does he keep Gasol and his estimated $16 million per year in tact? Will the franchise continue to build around Kobe and his three years, $80 million? What about versatile wingman Lamar Odom? Odom has all of the capability to be a primetime starter in this league. Finally, how does he address the point guard situation and the pitiful bench that disappointed all year? Some sources have Josh Smith and Kirk Hinrich coming west in exchange for Ron Artest and Bynum. Could this be true?

My opinion is that Brown will do a decent job as coach. Although this is still Kobe’s team, Brown will force them to have a focus on the defensive end that we haven’t seen in years. Somehow, the Lakers have to become younger and more athletic in the next three months. What will be done next remains to be seen…

Just my $.02,