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I read an article today about the famous Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. In case you didn’t know, Jabbar is the all time leading scorer in NBA history and one of the most dominant forces to ever play professional sports. Anyway, he apparently was upset as to why he hasn’t had a statue put up outside the Staples Center. He claims that either it is “an oversight or they are taking me for granted.”  (Quote according to a Sporting News report)

The NBA's all time leading scorer, Mr. Jabbar

I agree with this 100%. There are only two players on Earth that can arguably be considered better than Jordan: Jabbar and Bill Russell. There is no way that Jerry West & Magic can have a statue and Kareem not have one!!! Give this man his props, please!

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2 responses to “In Laker news….

  • Derrick

    I definitely agree! As a part of Laker Nation, Kareem (aka Lew Alcindor) should have a statue in front of the Staples Center. You talking about a person that was an important part of that championship Laker squad in the 80’s (Magic, Worthy, Kareem, Cooper, etc.).

    Kareem redefined the center position, and put up big numbers. If you have statues for Magic and Jerry West (aka “Mr. Clutch”)you got include Kareem.

    Check the stats:

    Legend!! He definitely need to be immortalized in bronze in front of the Staples Center!!


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