Music 2 my ears…

What’s in your iPod currently? Do you cringe at the thought of “Racks on Racks” getting over 20 spins in over an hour? Don’t fret: I am going to introduce you to a few new artists who are making a splash with some fresh sounds that are killing the game right now…

The Ohio young-gun


Stalley-Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Musik)

Standouts: Slapp, Milq & Honey, Monkey Ish (RIP Pimp C)

Stalley is killing the game right now with his soulful beats (all produced by Rashad a fellow Ohio native) and inspirational lyrics. This mixtape should have been sold in stores, it’s that good!

KRIT, Spitta & Smoke DZA

BIG Krit-Return of 4 Eva

Standouts: R4 Theme, Dreamin, Highs & Lows, Player’s Ballad

KRIT brings that soulful flow, with a southern drawl that is reminiscent of the old Outkast days (minus the Idlewild). He is a mix of UGK, 8ball and Ludacris all in one. This tape features Raheem Devaughn, Bun B & Ludacris himself. I felt like I still owe KRIT $20 for this jawn…word up…

Curren$y AKA Spitta -Covert Coup

Standouts: BBS, Scottie Pippen, Smoke Break, The Type

What else can I say about Spitta? After two classic albums (at least in my book) and numerous dope mixtapes, he is at it again with this collab featuring Alchemist. Now Alchemist has been known to hold his own with Mobb Deep, Nas and other MC’s, but Spitta is a different beast for him. I particularly like the feature with Fiend on this one. Freddie Gibbs and Prodigy also are on the tape. If your a Curren$y fan,you gotta check for it.

Well, I hope I suggested some groovy new tunes for you to check out. If you have any other albums or mixtapes that I omitted, please let us know your thoughts so that we can give them their just due.

One Love, JT


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