Entertaining DOT Com (Braxton Style)

We all know that @TamarBraxtonher, @TrinaBraxton, @TowandaBraxton, @TraciBraxton, and @ToniBraxton have a new show titled “Braxton Family Values”. The show airs on WE TV on Tuesdays at 9/8C for those of you that don’t know.

So here is my run down on each sister:

Toni Braxton

Toni – She’s always made great music but her Lupus and money problems have overshadowed her career. I’m interested in seeing what single she will release and how well she will do. As far as the Braxton Inspirational album, I understand Toni wanting to work on her own project and not allowing the side item to consume her time. I think the sisters that want to do the album should go forward full force.

Tamar Braxton


Tamar – I am so sick of her DOT COM statements. Must everything be expressed with such a lack of vocabulary? I mean DANG. If you review her Twitter feed, it’s even frenzied with the tired jargon. As far as her husband, I think she married him for money. Regarding her career, her over the top personality makes me question her as a relevant artist. She doesn’t even know what type of music she wants to make. Speaking of music, I think she wants Toni to do the album because of Toni’s status. As a way of ensuring the project receives the attention and star power it deserves. I can’t say that I disagree with her.

Trina Braxton


Trina – She’s a bit of an alcoholic but I enjoy a good drink every now and then as well. Most of her appearances on the show deal with her drinking problems and her dishonest and cheating husband. Personally, I like the house but Tamar is right. If they don’t’ work out the root of their problems, they will only follow them to the new house. I wish her the best of luck as she attempts to move on from her husband’s infidelity.


Towanda Braxton

Towanda – The most reasonable, responsible, and real one of the group. I like her. I do however wonder why she’s stayed with her husband if they have a “room mate” situation and he’s proceeded to see other people. Maybe it’s free childcare? I wouldn’t be living with a man who was seeing other women, I tell you that! I do question how she’s going to resign as Toni’s assistant and go to acting school when her husband brings in NO bacon. WHERETHEYDOTHATAT.COM. 🙂

Traci Braxton


Traci – Traci, Traci, Traci. She just wants to sing. She’s loud and ghetto but she’s real. Being from Meraland (Maryland in my Boston voice), I can definitely understand! Any who, I hope the Braxton Album works out well in her favor. I just don’t understand how she’s going to relocate to Atlanta and leave her family behind… Looks like she’s got decisions to make and SOON!

Well that’s my $.02 (As Johnny would put it). Check back next Tuesday for my updates on the show.



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4 responses to “Entertaining DOT Com (Braxton Style)

  • Nosh

    Although I get Toni on the album issue, its still hard for me not to see her as selfish especially since some of her sisters work for her for free and she demands so much from them (Towanda) when they clearly have their own financial and family demands. Seems like its hard to have a line when you where so many hats. Mother, Aunt, Assistant. Is she helping her with her kids cause she is Assistant or Aunt, especially when her kids are in the same house being neglected. Is Toni understand? hmm

    • lifeandtimesofjsq

      Nosh – You have a good point there but the one that works free (Tamar) is doing fine and we don’t know what she pays Towanda. And the kids aren’t neglected because they have an unemployed live in dad! Anyway THANK YOU for posting. Be sure to check back frequently, subscribe to our blog, and enter our Mary Kay Giveaway! XOXOXO Janel

  • Antonee

    You’re absolutely right about Tamar’s reasoning behind the album! If any of the other sisters couldn’t do the album but Toni could, she’d be down. Her husband seems grounded so I don’t know how he deals w/her. She is super “extra” and over the top.

    My favs are Traci and Towanda. Traci reminds me of my loud aunts that I can’t get enough of! And Towanda reminds me of myself in a way. She’s an octopus (with all the things she handles @ one time) like me and just wants to put the obligations on the backburner to pursue her passion! Oh and she’s definitely w/her husband for the childcare! Its cheaper and It works! 🙂

    • lifeandtimesofjsq

      THANK YOU!!! Yes Tamar is very extra. She talks about Traci but she acts the same if not worse. Tamar + her husband = financial gain. Trina + her husband = ready supply of alcohol. Towanda + her husband = free childcare and nanny service.

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