Have You Seen Me?

I’m sure all of you have that great pair of shoes that are a constant staple in your closet? They go with almost every piece of clothing and accessory that you own. Well, I do too. And mine are a pair of Nine West black flats. I’m not talking ballet flats either. I mean sturdy, reliable, professional, plain Jane flats! 

Similar to My Black Flats... Have you Seen Me? Reward Offered!

Well, for anyone that knows me, I meticulously clean my house before going out-of-town. And this past weekend, Johnny and I went to Atlanta. So Wednesday and Thursday, I exhausted myself cleaning my house. In the process, I believe the cleaning fairies misplaced my favorite work shoes.

This morning, I woke up, showered, got dressed, packed my lunch, fed and walked Teddy, and loaded the car. When I walked into the closet, I immediately attempted to slip my feet into those shoes. See, I keep them on the floor of the closet, right by the door for easy access. Well… to my surprise, the shoes weren’t there!!! I looked in almost every shoe box, under the bed, behind the laundry basket, in the guest rooms, under the sofa, in the garage, in the hall closets, heck I even looked OUTSIDE!!!! To no avail, I couldn’t find my beloved shoes. So today, I was forced to wear a pair of Guess heels. Whereas, I love my heels and 4” or more is always better, I just wanted to be comfortable today and I feel I’ve been robbed. 😦

Any who, when I leave work today, I plan on turning my house UPSIDE DOWN to find these shoes. Until I find them, I’m faced with the option of going without or purchasing more… DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS.


So I got home today and turned every shoe box inside out and every closet upside down. And it HIT me! I know EXACTLY where my shoes are!!! Last week, I found a pair a shoes in my closet that I haven’t worn in ages. When I tried them on, I remembered why… The heel on one of them is broken. So I threw them away and put the box to the side to place my favorite flats in… (Yeah the missing flats). Well as I mentioned above, I went on a cleaning frenzy before my trip to Atlanta and in my haste, I threw the newly vacant box AND my flats away!!! 😦 Needless to say I’m very upset that the shoes are missing. It took forever to find them and now, I’m forced to find more.

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Until next time,

 XOXOXO, Janel


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