Miami gets revenge….


D-Rose & LBJ


Game 2 of the East Finals last night was a bloody battle….but the Heat prevailed by 10 in a gruesome game that saw several lead changes. LeBron James had 29 points, including several clutch baskets in the 4th quarter that put the nail in the coffin. The Heat out-rebounded the Bulls by 4, but got killed on the offensive glass by 11. The Bulls, however, weren’t able to capitalize from those rebounds and the Heat forced them to play an uptempo style they weren’t comfortable with. My belief is that Derrick Rose  & the Bulls will come back in Game 3 with a stronger offensive effort. Will D-Wade and crew come back home with a championship swag??? Will Chris Bosh and Carlos Boozer show up big? Game 3 is coming up….more sports to come!



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