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As I checked my email today, I was delighted to be presented with the latest installment of P. Dukes “Easy Money”  series, Volume 3. P. Dukes, from Atlanta, Georgia, is one of hip-hop’s up-and-coming warriors. His mix of lyrical punches and top-notch beat selection make his sound unique from other MC’s of his generation. From his debut in 2007, Easy Money, Dukes has been  “Painin the Block” with his brash voice and southern drawl. In 2009, the College Park king released his second tape, Easy Money 2. Hosted by DJ Scream, Dukes powered through standout tracks like ” I Be On The Nat”, “100 Stax ( feat Mistah Fab) and “Ball Out”.  Now with his third tape, featuring ” Love My Money”, Dukes is primed and ready to crush the game! I was able to chat with my fellow Auburn Tiger (War Eagle!!!! National Champs baby!) about his sound, dream features and gather some insight into his music:

JT: CP, Why name the mixtape Easy Money 3?

Dukes: 3 is the end. It’s like a trilogy…no more after this. It’s like you get to see me in stages over 6 years. For the people who’ve grown with me this is almost like the graduation and if you notice I’ve gradually gotten more and more publicity as the tapes have grown. It went from ” Oh, that boy Dukes tryna rap too on EM1. On EM2, it’s ” That boy Dukes kinda aight”. Now, with EM3, it’s like ” Aight, Dukes might be finna get on”. And the subtitle of the tape is “Celebrations and Tribulations” which may explain the range of music on this one.

JT: What producers did you get for this new mixtape that’s dropping???

Dukes: Marco Smoov (Rick Ross “Valley of Death”, T.I. “Why You Wanna”), Jit the Beast, Arkitek (BIG KRIT and Les “Grippin Grain”),Doughboy (Young Jeezy “My Camaro”) Alpo, 2Much (Dorrough “Ice Cream Paint Job“) Sanchez Holmes (T.I. “A.S.A.P.”) Team Green, Kenjo & Drumma Drama.

JT: Tell me about this joint called “Love My Money” from the album?  And who is featured on the song? It’s dope…

Dukes: Man, that’s Countree Noise, the group I started with. It was produced by 2Much.

JT: What about the song called “Save A Prayer”? It’s soulful and seems to have a sentimental flow to it…

Dukes: “Save a Prayer” has a Duran Duran sample my guy Arkitek flipped and we got Ricky Fontaine who’s basically the dopest guitarist in Atlanta to play some riffs over it. It’s basically just a reflective song about how a lot of us know right and wrong but we gamble with the time God allows us. So the sample is saying save a prayer till the morning after. And that’s the attitude a lot of us take.I’ll be okay today. Pray for me when I’m ready.

P. Dukes performing at SXSW

JT: I think that’s my favorite song on the tape homie. Tell me what differentiates your sound from the typical “A-Town” sound we hear today?

Dukes: Man I’d say that I’m probably one of the more versatile artists in Atlanta. I can do a song with Future (“Racks on Racks”) which I’ve done  already and then come back and go nuts on a freestyle with Big K.R.I.T. which I’ve done as well. I’m comfortable in so many settings that it make my music hard to label. It’s hood, reflective, soulful, lyrical, typical heat. I think me being able to tap into who I am as a whole and not conforming to impress a certain crowd is what makes me special.

JT: Yes sir, it definitely does. So, who are some artists that you are looking forward to working with in the future?

Dukes: Man, Bun B, Adam Levine, Playa Fly, I’d like to do a track with the Dogg Pound. Kurupt wit a verse and Daz on the beat…that would be sick. Definitely the usuals like Outkast, etc.

JT: I agree..I think Dogg Pound is definitely one of the more slept on groups of our generation. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me man. The mix tape is flames…

Dukes: Okay bet bruh thanks a million…

Catch P. Dukes new mix tape on the streets June 22nd. My Birthday!!!

Yes, yes, y’all….JT


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