Get ‘cha grub on….

If I’m not mistaken, this is our very first food review. How fitting is it that we get to talk about Mary Mac’s Tea Room off Ponce de Leon in ATL. Now, we have eaten at our share of soul food restaurants, but Mary Macs has a down home feel that is hard to compete with. From baked chicken, to country fried steak , to sweet potatoes, Mary Macs is like a dream come true for a southern bred guy or gal.  For starters, they treat you with bread rolls that are softer than the pillow you rest your head on at night. If it’s your first time there, they warm you with a taste of their pot liquor ON THE HOUSE!!!

Janel's meal @ Mary Macs

Now to the main event! My entrée consisted of country fried steak, green beans & sweet potatoes. Janel’s entrée is shown above: Fried Chicken legs, macaroni & cheese, greens and some delicious, mouth-watering cornbread!!!! The best part of the entire meal was the price. On the menu below, you can see that the meals are quite lean on the wallet!!! I must also brag on the wonderful customer service as well. We were greeting by a young lady who rubbed my back as I rubbed my stomach! Mary Macs was truly a wonderful experience. Have you ever had a meal at this restaurant??? If so, please provide your feedback to us!!!  If you haven’t, and are ever in ATL , stop by the Tea Room for some good eats.

Mary Macs Tea Room


XOXO Janel & JT


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One response to “Get ‘cha grub on….

  • Amanda

    Hey guys!

    I went to Mary Macs last summer and I must say the collard greens were on POINT! I believe I enjoyed those the most as well as the sweet tea and cornbread!

    If you ever make your way to Jacksonville, FL…I have found a small spot that would put Mary’s to shame! Metro Diner has been featured on the Food Network and trust you will leave with a to-go plate 🙂

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