OKC shows grit!

In Game 2 of the West Finals, even coaches and players get into spats…this was evident when Russell Westbrook and Scott Brooks had a heated argument prior to the closing moments of the game. Westbrook apparently complained that the team didn’t run the play he called, resulting in a turnover. Westbrook has been getting a lot of attention lately for his high turnover count, but James Harden picked up the slack last night with 23 huge points to spur OKC to 106-100 victory over the Dallas Mavericks.  Harden made a clutch trey late in the game to seal the deal and even the series.

James Harden attacking Dirk Nowitzki last night. His 23 points help OKC tie 1-1.

Oh, I almost forgot…how big was that dunk by Kevin Durant over Brendan Haywood???? I haven’t seen someone put on a poster like that at American Airlines Arena since Tracy McGrady took flight over Shawn Bradley. Just for that effort on defense, I think Coach Carlisle should bench him for the reminder of the series, lol. Two questions come to mind: Will the Mavs be able to bounce back? Will Kevin Durant have a forty plus performance similar to what Dirk Nowitzki  accomplished in Game 1? Only time will tell…

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