New Kid on the Block

Kobe Bryant & Lamar Odom (above) have their work cut out this summer.


Well, I see that the Los Angeles Lakers have a new coach in town. Mike Brown (formally of the Cleveland Cavaliers) has joined the team for approximately $5 million per year. I must say that Brown wasn’t my first choice, but he has an astounding reputation for being one of the elite defensive coaches in the NBA. This was a gaping hole in the Lakers clog this year towards a three-peat. Rumor has it that superstar Kobe Bryant had absolutely no say in this choice. Uh-oh….

Mike Brown was named LA Lakers new head honcho...

Brown certainly has his work cut out for him this year. What happens with Gasol or Bynum? Insiders say that Bynum might be forced Orlando in a swap for Dwight Howard. Does he keep Gasol and his estimated $16 million per year in tact? Will the franchise continue to build around Kobe and his three years, $80 million? What about versatile wingman Lamar Odom? Odom has all of the capability to be a primetime starter in this league. Finally, how does he address the point guard situation and the pitiful bench that disappointed all year? Some sources have Josh Smith and Kirk Hinrich coming west in exchange for Ron Artest and Bynum. Could this be true?

My opinion is that Brown will do a decent job as coach. Although this is still Kobe’s team, Brown will force them to have a focus on the defensive end that we haven’t seen in years. Somehow, the Lakers have to become younger and more athletic in the next three months. What will be done next remains to be seen…

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