Monthly Archives: July 2011

We’re Splitting Up!

So me and Johnny have decided to split ways… Not in real life however. 🙂 We’re in this for the long haul. Are you kidding!!!

However, I have started a new blog called The Fashionista’s Journey and you can visit me here.

I will periodically post content at LifeandTimesofJSQ still and you can watch for Johnny’s post here.

Until then XOXOXO, Janel


We’re Baaaackkkkk!!!!!!

So Johnny and I have been MIA for the past oh month or so… 🙂

We took time off from a lot of things to reflect on what’s important and really put some things in perspective. Well as always, we will be posting our random thoughts, pictures, etc.

Thanks for sticking with us!

For those faithful followers, we appreciate you staying tuned.

XOXOXO, Janel!