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Happy Friday!!!

Well the work week is almost over! I don’t know about the rest of you guys and gals but this is the best work day of the entire week! I normally go a little casual to work on Fridays. I normally “forget” to bring my lunch, I avoid scheduling meetings at all costs, and if I’m going out-of-town, I come in extra early so I can get off before rush hour traffic.

Well this is my latest creation on It’s very similar to what I’ll actually be wearing tomorrow. The red earings have more gold in them and they actually have a nautical look to them. The tank is a short sleeve top and a little shear (I’ll have on a tank top underneath). Everything else however is pretty spot on. What do you think?!?!

XOXO, JanelHappy Friday

Happy Friday by lifeandtimesofjsq featuring a cotton blazer

Ribbed tank top
$9.90 –

Dorothy Perkins cotton blazer
45 GBP –

Almost famous jeans
$35 –

Guess shoes
$63 –

Louis Vuitton canvas shoulder bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs post earring
$48 –

Dorothy Perkins wrap bracelet
13 GBP –

Manumit bangle bracelet
12 GBP –

Accessory Street ruffle scarve
$42 –


Polyvore Creator! City Girl Set

City Girl

So I’ve just been introduced to the Polyvore site and I love it! There you can select hundreds of items and piece them together. Feel free to visit and PLAY! What do you think about this outfit??? XOXO, Janel


City Girl by lifeandtimesofjsq featuring studded handbags

MbyM nude dress
25 EUR –

Notify stretch denim jacket
$280 –

J by Jasper Conran wedge sandal shoes
24 GBP –

BP studded handbag
$32 –

H m jewelry
5.99 GBP –

TopShop square earring
$25 –

H M printed scarve
7.99 GBP –

Half Way to Tuesday :)

So it’s lunch time on this wonderful Monday. This means I’m half way to Tuesday; which means, I’m one more day into the week; and one more day closer to the weekend! Sad isn’t it 🙂

Anywho, I’m enjoying a left over slice of pizza, granola bar, and bottled water. I’m reading the fabulous blogs of Leslie at Fashion Du Jour and Lexy at Beauty Fash. These ladies have an AMAZING eye for fashion and I’m eagerly eating my pizza and taking notes before I head to my next meeting. Visit their blogs and enjoy their fashion posts.

XOXO, Janel

The Wonderful World of Online Shopping!

 So there is almost nothing I love more than shopping online. Except spending valuable time with family and friends that is… But there are a few boutiques that I now follow on Twitter, befriend on Facebook, subscribe to their blogs, and stalk their sales… (Speaking of Twitter and Blogs: Follow us @lifentimesofj2 on Twitter and subscribe to our blog NOW)… Back to the regularly scheduled program…

So just to name a few sites, I absolutely love: Mimi Boutique, Just Fabulous, and Windsor Store. I’ll take a few minutes to say why I love each, provide you with information on how to shop their sites, and show you a few pieces that are currently on my wish list….

Mimi Boutique boasts an offering of “cute and trendy handbags, accessories, jewelry and vintage accessories at affordable prices”. Their collection can be viewed by visiting and you can also find them on Twitter @mimiboutique. So far, I’ve bought two items from their site: a beige Contessa Bag and Bronze Athena bag (I think that’s the name). Neither of which are available anymore. Another reason I love them. They cycle certain items in and out to keep their offerings fresh and exclusive! The only thing about my order that I’m currently not thrilled about is the Contessa bag. It lacked structure so, unless I keep it zipped, it sort of flops over and the contents of my purse spill out or become unorganized. Currently, I’m eyeing the Julie Pink and Gold Flower Cluster Necklace.

Cluster Necklace

Just Fabulous touts that they offer a personalized shopping experience for the everyday girl. Once you visit the site at, you are prompted to take a short survey on your fashion likes and then customized offerings are provided to you on a monthly basis. The only thing is (AND PAY ATTENTION GIRLS) there is a monthly subscription fee of $39.95. With this fee however you get to pick a shoe from your personalized collection each month. If there isn’t anything in your collection you like simply request new offerings or “Skip This Month” by the 5th of each month. Only then will you NOT be charged the fee. My first month I bought 2 pair of shoes instantly! But, I wasn’t crazy about my offers this month so at first I requested new selections. I still wasn’t impressed, so I Skipped The Month. The only shoe, I remotely liked was the Becca, which is now sold out in my size.
 For every purchase you make, you get so many credits and once you accumulate enough credits,  you get a FREE pair of shoes. The one thing I LOVE most about the site is that they combine EACH and EVERY pair of shoes with an outfit and provide you the links and pricing to the corresponding sites. It is truly an experience for the girl who likes to purchase whole outfits at a time (shyly raises hand in background).
So with regard to Windsor Store, they actually have brick and mortar retail space all over the U.S. but you can also check them out at or on Twitter @windsorstore. Their primary focus is dresses but let me tell you they sell a bunch
Maxi Dress
of other items. Just a few weeks ago, I bought an excessive amount of shirts and jewelry for a minimal amount of money. I needed more blouses and boy oh boy did I find what I was looking for. I would recommend this site to anyone who needs more of ANYTHING! Currently I’m obsessing over the Purple Rose Maxi Dress. My only issue with Maxi Dresses is my height. As JT says it best, I’m a 5 “footah” (5’0). Not tall by any means. Therefore these dresses often are too long for me and make me look frumpy… 😦 Other than that I’d have to say that EVERYTHING I purchased from them fit perfectly. Shipping was also super fast. Free 2 day shipping based on my total purchase price!!!
So those are my top picks for great online shopping. If there are any sites that you’d love for me to profile, post a comment, Tweet us @lifentimesofj2, or email us at!
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Have You Seen Me?

I’m sure all of you have that great pair of shoes that are a constant staple in your closet? They go with almost every piece of clothing and accessory that you own. Well, I do too. And mine are a pair of Nine West black flats. I’m not talking ballet flats either. I mean sturdy, reliable, professional, plain Jane flats! 

Similar to My Black Flats... Have you Seen Me? Reward Offered!

Well, for anyone that knows me, I meticulously clean my house before going out-of-town. And this past weekend, Johnny and I went to Atlanta. So Wednesday and Thursday, I exhausted myself cleaning my house. In the process, I believe the cleaning fairies misplaced my favorite work shoes.

This morning, I woke up, showered, got dressed, packed my lunch, fed and walked Teddy, and loaded the car. When I walked into the closet, I immediately attempted to slip my feet into those shoes. See, I keep them on the floor of the closet, right by the door for easy access. Well… to my surprise, the shoes weren’t there!!! I looked in almost every shoe box, under the bed, behind the laundry basket, in the guest rooms, under the sofa, in the garage, in the hall closets, heck I even looked OUTSIDE!!!! To no avail, I couldn’t find my beloved shoes. So today, I was forced to wear a pair of Guess heels. Whereas, I love my heels and 4” or more is always better, I just wanted to be comfortable today and I feel I’ve been robbed. 😦

Any who, when I leave work today, I plan on turning my house UPSIDE DOWN to find these shoes. Until I find them, I’m faced with the option of going without or purchasing more… DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS.


So I got home today and turned every shoe box inside out and every closet upside down. And it HIT me! I know EXACTLY where my shoes are!!! Last week, I found a pair a shoes in my closet that I haven’t worn in ages. When I tried them on, I remembered why… The heel on one of them is broken. So I threw them away and put the box to the side to place my favorite flats in… (Yeah the missing flats). Well as I mentioned above, I went on a cleaning frenzy before my trip to Atlanta and in my haste, I threw the newly vacant box AND my flats away!!! 😦 Needless to say I’m very upset that the shoes are missing. It took forever to find them and now, I’m forced to find more.

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Until next time,

 XOXOXO, Janel