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Our Name…

You may be wondering how we came up with the name, lifeandtimesofjsq… WELL for those of you who know us, our names are Johnny and Janel. Instead of saying JJ or J2 we decided on J SQUARED. ONLY problem is, well we’re new to this and don’t quite know yet how to actually do the small superscript 2… LOL

So we just shortened the word squared and came up with jsq…. Kind of nice right… RIGHT.. 🙂

Any who.. We’ll be chronicling our life. Everything from the day-to-day mundane stuff, to the exciting stuff (don’t quite know what that is yet) but we’ll take you on a journey into our lives.



Hello Everyone!

Hello world of blogging. This is a totally new concept to me and I actually have no idea of what I’m going to write about. I’m open to any of your suggestions and feedback on how to make the site better. I would also LOVE for contributors to write on the site. If you want to write about music, fashion, travel, etc. Tweet us at @lifentimesofj2 today!

Just to tell you a little about myself, I’m from Mobile, Alabama and a graduate of the University of Alabama @ Birmingham. I’m a sucker for fashion (on a budget!), travel, good food, good friends, and cheap wine! 🙂

Over the next few days, weeks, months, years (however long we can keep this up), I’m going to welcome you all into my world and hopefully we will learn a little about each other as we go. Feel free to subscribe to our site and twitter AND invite your friends PLEASE!!!

PS… I HATE the picture that Johnny posted!!! More updated pics to come!


Hello World….Welcome to our lives!!!

The Dream Team...

Whats funny about this blog is that we just started the idea tonight ! My wonderful gf Janel put together an amazing idea of making a blog of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING we are interested in. From the worlds of music, fashion, current events, culture, etc. Welcome to the life and times of J2…stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

One Love, JT