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It’s Finally Here!

Anyone who knows me, knows how BIG a fan I am of Jay-Z & Kanye West. The idea of a joint album, however,  came with mixed feelings. The reason I was concerned was because those that remember “Best of Both Worlds” know that project was supposed to be what this one has shaped up to be: two heavyweights going back and forth creating classic tunes. Despite the fact that both artists were in the respective primes, Jay and Kells didn’t see eye 2 eye and the project went downhill from there. It had also been estimated that the pair left over tens of millions on the table for abandoning the project. #ANYWAYDOE, “Watch The Throne” comes with big hype behind it, as the two hip-hop behemoths collide to create one of the magical moments hip-hop has in 2011. Neither needs an introduction, so here goes my review of the album:

Hits: “Primetime”, “Murder to Excellence”, “Who Gone Stop Me“, “Gotta Have It”, “N*****s in Paris

Misses: “Lift Off”, Not much more to critique, lol.

One of the top albums of 2011, "WTT"

This album really raised the  bar for the competition. It has been reported that Jay and ‘Ye recorded in Bath, England as well as in Paris. The highlight of the album, “Murder to Excellence” shows the versatility of the duo, who rap back and forth about a young kid named DJ Henry who was killed as a result of police brutality. How many MC‘s do you know who would feature a current event on their album that has nothing to do with cars, women or jewelry???? These guys do exactly that. On “Who Gone Stop Me”, they experiment with the electric Dub-step, which has been made popular in England as the new wave in music.  Another standout on the LP, “Gotta Have It”, features both rappers dueling back and forth over a smooth Neptunes track that samples James Brown.  Production wise, how many artists could get RZA (“New Day”) and Q-Tip(“That’s My B***h”) on the same album?  Not many.

The power duo....

Most hip-hop albums these days feature a number of other artists, but this album only has features from Beyonce’, Frank Ocean (of Odd Future fame) and Mr. Hudson. I almost have a gripe with just about every album and this one is no exception. I wished the album featured more of the soul samples that are heard from past Roc-A-Fella days. I guess I need to just go back and listen to those records, lol. Despite it all, the two artists teamed up for what could be quite possibly one of the best records we have heard all year and that’s good enough for me.

Continue to check 4 my blog, I will feature a different album every week from now until…..

One Love,



MMG drops tomorrow!!!!


The MMG group....Pill, Meek Mill, Rozay & Wale

I’m not sure if I have had this feeling in a while… album actually drops tomorrow that I am interested in! Maybach Music Group will be dropping an album called “Self-Made “, which features a barrage of new talent! Wale, Meek Mill,Pill, Stalley and of course “The BossRick Ross will hit us with 15 new tracks on the album. Features include J. Cole, Curren$y, Teedra Moses and French Montana. I must say that Ross has kept the streets a buzz with his last mixtape “Ashes 2 Ashes“. On this tape, I heard a young bull by the name of Meek Mill on a song called “Play Your Part”, which is included in the album. Needless to say, I was very impressed by the lyrical style and knock-out punch lines. Wale, the notorious D.C. artist who joined MMG last year, makes several features of this album, none hotter than the joint “600 Benz” which also includes Jadakiss.  One disappointment that I must admit: “Perfectionist” featuring Mill and Ross, is not included on this album. This song was a mix tape smash that had Mill & Rozay going back and forth a la Styles P and Jadakiss. Although, this is not included, the album is still flames nonetheless!!! Be sure to visit iTunes, or drop by your nearest store and support this album!!! I know it will be in my hands tomorrow…



From A’ town 2 the World…


As I checked my email today, I was delighted to be presented with the latest installment of P. Dukes “Easy Money”  series, Volume 3. P. Dukes, from Atlanta, Georgia, is one of hip-hop’s up-and-coming warriors. His mix of lyrical punches and top-notch beat selection make his sound unique from other MC’s of his generation. From his debut in 2007, Easy Money, Dukes has been  “Painin the Block” with his brash voice and southern drawl. In 2009, the College Park king released his second tape, Easy Money 2. Hosted by DJ Scream, Dukes powered through standout tracks like ” I Be On The Nat”, “100 Stax ( feat Mistah Fab) and “Ball Out”.  Now with his third tape, featuring ” Love My Money”, Dukes is primed and ready to crush the game! I was able to chat with my fellow Auburn Tiger (War Eagle!!!! National Champs baby!) about his sound, dream features and gather some insight into his music:

JT: CP, Why name the mixtape Easy Money 3?

Dukes: 3 is the end. It’s like a trilogy…no more after this. It’s like you get to see me in stages over 6 years. For the people who’ve grown with me this is almost like the graduation and if you notice I’ve gradually gotten more and more publicity as the tapes have grown. It went from ” Oh, that boy Dukes tryna rap too on EM1. On EM2, it’s ” That boy Dukes kinda aight”. Now, with EM3, it’s like ” Aight, Dukes might be finna get on”. And the subtitle of the tape is “Celebrations and Tribulations” which may explain the range of music on this one.

JT: What producers did you get for this new mixtape that’s dropping???

Dukes: Marco Smoov (Rick Ross “Valley of Death”, T.I. “Why You Wanna”), Jit the Beast, Arkitek (BIG KRIT and Les “Grippin Grain”),Doughboy (Young Jeezy “My Camaro”) Alpo, 2Much (Dorrough “Ice Cream Paint Job“) Sanchez Holmes (T.I. “A.S.A.P.”) Team Green, Kenjo & Drumma Drama.

JT: Tell me about this joint called “Love My Money” from the album?  And who is featured on the song? It’s dope…

Dukes: Man, that’s Countree Noise, the group I started with. It was produced by 2Much.

JT: What about the song called “Save A Prayer”? It’s soulful and seems to have a sentimental flow to it…

Dukes: “Save a Prayer” has a Duran Duran sample my guy Arkitek flipped and we got Ricky Fontaine who’s basically the dopest guitarist in Atlanta to play some riffs over it. It’s basically just a reflective song about how a lot of us know right and wrong but we gamble with the time God allows us. So the sample is saying save a prayer till the morning after. And that’s the attitude a lot of us take.I’ll be okay today. Pray for me when I’m ready.

P. Dukes performing at SXSW

JT: I think that’s my favorite song on the tape homie. Tell me what differentiates your sound from the typical “A-Town” sound we hear today?

Dukes: Man I’d say that I’m probably one of the more versatile artists in Atlanta. I can do a song with Future (“Racks on Racks”) which I’ve done  already and then come back and go nuts on a freestyle with Big K.R.I.T. which I’ve done as well. I’m comfortable in so many settings that it make my music hard to label. It’s hood, reflective, soulful, lyrical, typical heat. I think me being able to tap into who I am as a whole and not conforming to impress a certain crowd is what makes me special.

JT: Yes sir, it definitely does. So, who are some artists that you are looking forward to working with in the future?

Dukes: Man, Bun B, Adam Levine, Playa Fly, I’d like to do a track with the Dogg Pound. Kurupt wit a verse and Daz on the beat…that would be sick. Definitely the usuals like Outkast, etc.

JT: I agree..I think Dogg Pound is definitely one of the more slept on groups of our generation. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me man. The mix tape is flames…

Dukes: Okay bet bruh thanks a million…

Catch P. Dukes new mix tape on the streets June 22nd. My Birthday!!!

Yes, yes, y’all….JT

Entertaining DOT Com (Braxton Style)

We all know that @TamarBraxtonher, @TrinaBraxton, @TowandaBraxton, @TraciBraxton, and @ToniBraxton have a new show titled “Braxton Family Values”. The show airs on WE TV on Tuesdays at 9/8C for those of you that don’t know.

So here is my run down on each sister:

Toni Braxton

Toni – She’s always made great music but her Lupus and money problems have overshadowed her career. I’m interested in seeing what single she will release and how well she will do. As far as the Braxton Inspirational album, I understand Toni wanting to work on her own project and not allowing the side item to consume her time. I think the sisters that want to do the album should go forward full force.

Tamar Braxton


Tamar – I am so sick of her DOT COM statements. Must everything be expressed with such a lack of vocabulary? I mean DANG. If you review her Twitter feed, it’s even frenzied with the tired jargon. As far as her husband, I think she married him for money. Regarding her career, her over the top personality makes me question her as a relevant artist. She doesn’t even know what type of music she wants to make. Speaking of music, I think she wants Toni to do the album because of Toni’s status. As a way of ensuring the project receives the attention and star power it deserves. I can’t say that I disagree with her.

Trina Braxton


Trina – She’s a bit of an alcoholic but I enjoy a good drink every now and then as well. Most of her appearances on the show deal with her drinking problems and her dishonest and cheating husband. Personally, I like the house but Tamar is right. If they don’t’ work out the root of their problems, they will only follow them to the new house. I wish her the best of luck as she attempts to move on from her husband’s infidelity.


Towanda Braxton

Towanda – The most reasonable, responsible, and real one of the group. I like her. I do however wonder why she’s stayed with her husband if they have a “room mate” situation and he’s proceeded to see other people. Maybe it’s free childcare? I wouldn’t be living with a man who was seeing other women, I tell you that! I do question how she’s going to resign as Toni’s assistant and go to acting school when her husband brings in NO bacon. WHERETHEYDOTHATAT.COM. 🙂

Traci Braxton


Traci – Traci, Traci, Traci. She just wants to sing. She’s loud and ghetto but she’s real. Being from Meraland (Maryland in my Boston voice), I can definitely understand! Any who, I hope the Braxton Album works out well in her favor. I just don’t understand how she’s going to relocate to Atlanta and leave her family behind… Looks like she’s got decisions to make and SOON!

Well that’s my $.02 (As Johnny would put it). Check back next Tuesday for my updates on the show.


Music 2 my ears…

What’s in your iPod currently? Do you cringe at the thought of “Racks on Racks” getting over 20 spins in over an hour? Don’t fret: I am going to introduce you to a few new artists who are making a splash with some fresh sounds that are killing the game right now…

The Ohio young-gun


Stalley-Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Musik)

Standouts: Slapp, Milq & Honey, Monkey Ish (RIP Pimp C)

Stalley is killing the game right now with his soulful beats (all produced by Rashad a fellow Ohio native) and inspirational lyrics. This mixtape should have been sold in stores, it’s that good!

KRIT, Spitta & Smoke DZA

BIG Krit-Return of 4 Eva

Standouts: R4 Theme, Dreamin, Highs & Lows, Player’s Ballad

KRIT brings that soulful flow, with a southern drawl that is reminiscent of the old Outkast days (minus the Idlewild). He is a mix of UGK, 8ball and Ludacris all in one. This tape features Raheem Devaughn, Bun B & Ludacris himself. I felt like I still owe KRIT $20 for this jawn…word up…

Curren$y AKA Spitta -Covert Coup

Standouts: BBS, Scottie Pippen, Smoke Break, The Type

What else can I say about Spitta? After two classic albums (at least in my book) and numerous dope mixtapes, he is at it again with this collab featuring Alchemist. Now Alchemist has been known to hold his own with Mobb Deep, Nas and other MC’s, but Spitta is a different beast for him. I particularly like the feature with Fiend on this one. Freddie Gibbs and Prodigy also are on the tape. If your a Curren$y fan,you gotta check for it.

Well, I hope I suggested some groovy new tunes for you to check out. If you have any other albums or mixtapes that I omitted, please let us know your thoughts so that we can give them their just due.

One Love, JT