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We’re Splitting Up!

So me and Johnny have decided to split ways… Not in real life however. 🙂 We’re in this for the long haul. Are you kidding!!!

However, I have started a new blog called The Fashionista’s Journey and you can visit me here.

I will periodically post content at LifeandTimesofJSQ still and you can watch for Johnny’s post here.

Until then XOXOXO, Janel


We’re Baaaackkkkk!!!!!!

So Johnny and I have been MIA for the past oh month or so… 🙂

We took time off from a lot of things to reflect on what’s important and really put some things in perspective. Well as always, we will be posting our random thoughts, pictures, etc.

Thanks for sticking with us!

For those faithful followers, we appreciate you staying tuned.

XOXOXO, Janel!

Traci v. Tamar

Sorry I’m so late with posting the Braxton Family Value update…

So it’s becoming evident, that Tamar’s idiocy and loud talk has become a central focus of the Braxton Family Values. Originally, I thought most of the focus would be on Toni’s revamped career but with Tamar’s continued antics, I’m sure the reality show producers are intentionally focusing on her. We all know, that these shows only showcase that which is highly dramatic and often down right stupid. It typically garners the most viewership and ratings which equal $$$. (Guess that speaks to our intelligence as a culture huh… Another post for another day).

Anyway, on the last episode, Tamar and Traci argued an entire show about what seemed to  be nothing. Tamar didn’t like Traci’s comment about her relatively new marriage and the fact that she and Vincent are still in the honeymoon phase. Traci didn’t like that Tamar called her disrespectful. She revealed that she feels the other sisters look down on her. She immediately began a barrage of insults and obscenities (mainly directed toward Tamar). They were actually kind of weird how she kept walking down the hall cursing at nothing. All in all, by the end of the show, they agreed to mend their relationship and move on (DUH!)

Another point of discussion during the episode, was Toni’s move to Los Angeles. Who just up and decides to relocate their entire family? I guess famous people do. I also found it interesting that she’s Lease Purchasing her home rather than buying it outright. I’m assuming there are stimulations to her bankruptcy that limit the spending of funds and securing financing.

Well until next time… XOXOXO, Janel

Thank You!


Thanks so much for your support with our blog! Please….please….please…make sure once you sign on that you click the link in your email to verify your subscription!!! This means so much to us! Don’t forget about @TiggieTweets Mary Kay giveaway tomorrow!!!! Again, thanks for all of your support!

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Just a token…

…..Of our appreciation…

Guys, we can’t thank you enough for the support we have gotten on our blog. 457 views in less than 2 days is outstanding!!!! Never in a million years would we have dreamed that we would create something that others would enjoy… anyone who reads this, subscriptions are important. Please tell a friend, co-worker, or anyone who loves entertainment to sub to our blog. We will not bog you down with garbage, rumors, or gossip, but we will promise you a look into the lives of our families, friends and things that interest the youth movement!!! We can’t do it without you!!! Until tomorrow….